Senior Citizen Safety Tips

The Clayton Police Department would like to remind senior citizens of the following basic safety tips:
At Night...
  • Make sure you park in a well-lit area.
  • When shopping, take a buddy with you.
  • Protect your pocketbook by making sure it is zipped. Hold your pocketbook in front of your body.
  • When returning to your vehicle, scan your surroundings and the inside of your vehicle before entering.
Other Important Points
  • Beware of mail announcing you've won a prize or lottery. Be cautious with any response you make. Most of these are fraudulent and the issuers are trying to capture either your funds or your personal information. If you contact the police department, we will check and advise of the legitimacy of these documents.
  • Verify the credentials of contractors. If you are being solicited by a contractor, the police department has a form available which you can use to find pertinent information regarding the legitimacy and the business practices of the company.
  • When driving, be aware of pending weather conditions. Make sure appliances and your heating and cooling systems have proper maintenance and are in working order. The police department offers a free home safety inspection. Contact the police department for scheduling at (302) 653-8186.

More information concerning safety is available upon request through the police department.