Downtown Development Districts

The Town of Clayton has been designated by the Governor as a Downtown Development District.  The Downtown Development Districts Act of 2014 (the Act) was enacted by the General Assembly in order to:

  • Spur private capital investment in commercial business districts and other neighborhoods;
  • Stimulate job growth and improve the commercial vitality of such districts and neighborhoods;
  • Help build a stable community of long term residents by improving housing opportunities; and
  • Assist municipalities in strengthening neighborhoods while harnessing the attraction that vibrant downtowns hold for talented people, innovate small businesses and residents from all walks of life.


Selection as a Downtown Development District will entitle private construction projects within the identified District to receive rebates to offset up to 20% of their capital construction costs.  There are a host of other benefits that will be described in more detail in the links on this page.  Rebate funds are administrated by the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA).  Under Downloads at the bottom of this page you will see an attachment showing the Clayton DDD Boundary Map and the Town of Clayton's New Business Incentives and Business Revitalization Property Tax Reduction Program.

For more information about the Downtown Development District Program in Clayton, please contact Clayton's District Administrator.




Note: for the DDD Rebate Program - Appendix B, which is the table of eligible vs. ineligible expenditures, starts on page 23