Families, Health & Welfare

A Great Place to Live
Families from near and far have come to make Clayton their home. Pleasant surroundings, safe schools, and low taxes most often attract our first generation neighbors. 

Property taxes in Delaware are particularly low because most social services are provided through State agencies.
Who to Contact
Sometimes you will find that the delivery of services may be different from the way it was done in your former hometown.  

If you or someone you know in Clayton needs a helping hand, the most efficient way to find the proper agency to serve your needs will most likely be through the State Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS).

Within DHSS  there are several divisions. Within the divisions there may be agencies. The following link will provide you with a description of each division within DHSS. The title to each division on the page is a link to that division’s website page.

View list of and links to DHSS Divisions