Toy Safety Tips

  • Before shopping for toys, consider the child’s age, interest, and skill level.
  • When shopping, read labels. Look for well-made toys and follow age and safety information on the warning labels.
  • Keep toys with small parts away from children under age 3. They can choke on small toys and toy parts.
  • Carefully read instructions for the assembly and use of toys.
  • Always remove and discard all packaging from a toy before giving it to a baby or a small child.
  • Supervise children when they play and set good examples of safe play. A toy intended for an older child may be dangerous in the hands of a younger child.
  • Remind caregivers, including grandparents, of play-related safety concerns.
  • Separate and store toys by age levels. Teach children to put toys away after playing. Safe storage prevents falls and other injuries.
  • Check old and new toys regularly for damages such as sharp edges or small parts. Make any repairs immediately or throw away damaged toys.