Internet Safety

  • Be involved – Consider activities you can work on together. This will allow you to supervise your child’s online activities while teaching them good computer habits.
  • Keep your computer in an open area – If your computer is in a high traffic area, you will be able to easily monitor the computer activity.
  • Set rules and warn about dangers – Make sure your child knows the boundaries of what she is allowed to do on the computer.
  • Monitor computer activity – Be aware of what your child is doing on the computer, including which websites they are visiting.
  • Keep lines of communication open – Let you child know that they can approach you with any questions or concerns about behaviors or problems they may have encountered on the computer.
  • Consider partitioning your computer into separate accounts – Most operating systems give you the option of creating a different user account for each user.
  • Consider implementing parental controls – You may be able to set some parental controls within your browser. Internet Explorer allows you to restrict or allow certain websites to be viewed on your computer, and you can protect these settings with a password. To find these options, click Tools on your menu bar, select Internet Options, choose the Content tab, and click on the Enable button under Content Adviser.
  • For more child safety tips – Visit the Get Net Wise website. Click on Safety Guide at the top. Click on Safety Tips on the left for your child’s age group.

For more internet safety questions, contact the Clayton Police Department at (302) 653-8186.