Town Representation

Clayton, Delaware
The area referred to as Clayton, Delaware covers a large, rural expanse that is west of Smyrna, south of Townsend and northwest of Dover, Delaware – to the Maryland state line.
Town of Clayton
The incorporated limits of the Town of Clayton are approximately one mile from north to south and one and one-half miles from east to west. 

Within these limits, your Town Council government is responsible for a variety of functions that are described throughout this website.  However, many other functions of government and social services are the responsibility of State and County government.
State Representation
Both the Town and the surrounding community of Clayton are divided in their representation. 

Citizens are represented in the State House as part of either the 8th or 29th Representative District. State Senate representation is, likewise, split between the 14th and 15th Senatorial District. Most citizens are represented in Kent County Levy Court, but some are citizens of New Castle County.

Please refer to these electoral district maps.

Contact information and much more about the Delaware General Assembly, may be found on the Delaware General Assembly website.