Town of Clayton Delaware Established in 1887

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Thursday, March 21, 2019
Emergency Preparedness
Be Prepared!

In an emergency, the Town of Clayton could be cut off from outside assistance. The Town cannot count on State and Federal resources arriving for several days.

Residents are encouraged to have a family emergency plan and checklist that prepares them to meet basic needs for 72 hours after a storm event. Be sure to have a several day supply of any medications or health supplies you may need.

Tune In
As part of your family’s emergency kit, you should have a battery-powered radio so that you can receive critical information if there is a power outage.During an emergency, you will be instructed to tune your radio to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for information and protective measures. The Emergency Broadcast stations for Kent County are:
  • WDSD (92.9 FM)
  • WDOV (1410 AM)

Statewide Traffic Information can be heard on WTMC (1380 AM)

Delaware Emergency Notification System
The State of Delaware also operates a telephone call-out notification system called the Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS).

DENS places automated calls describing the incident and protective measures to all listed and unlisted land line phones.

If you would like to have DENS call your cell phone, you must register.

Visit the DENS website to register.

Additional Information
The following links are provided to help you prepare and survive during an emergency:

Town of Clayton
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