Town of Clayton Delaware Established in 1887

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Thursday, April 25, 2019


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1. I am renting. How do I put the utilities in my name?
2. I just bought a house in the Town of Clayton. I would like to put the utilities in my name. Do I need to come in?
3. When are bills sent out?
4. When are the bills due?
5. How much are late fees and when am I charged?
6. How can I pay my bill?
7. Do you accept payments over the phone?
8. What are your office hours?
9. I never see anyone reading my meter. How are they getting the readings?
10. Can I make payment arrangements?
11. When is my meter read?
12. I see something on my bill that says PPAC. What is this for?
13. My bill doesn’t look right. Who can I talk to about billing questions?
Town of Clayton
P.O. Box 1130
414 Main Street
Clayton, DE 19938

Ph: (302) 653-8419
Fx: (302) 653-2017
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