Town of Clayton Delaware Established in 1887

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Administration/ Town Council

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1. Is there mail delivery in the Town of Clayton?
2. Where is the post office located?
3. I want to request a variance for my property. What do I need to do?
4. I would like to be put on the Town Council agenda. How do I do this?
5. What is the telephone number for the Clayton Police Department?

Inspections & Enforcement

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1. What do I need to obtain a building permit for?
2. Does the contractor or subcontractor have to be licensed through the Town of Clayton?
3. I want to rent out my house. What do I need to do?
4. I want to build or place a shed or out building on my property. Do I need a permit?
5. What are the setbacks for a shed or out building?
6. Who do I call about stray animals?
7. How do I obtain a plumbing permit?
8. How do I schedule a building inspection?
9. How long does it take to get a building permit application number?

Property Taxes

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1. When are property tax bills sent out?
2. Does my mortgage company receive my tax bill?
3. I am 65 year old or older. Is there a discounted property tax rate for seniors?
4. I am totally disabled. Do I get a discounted property tax rate?
5. What is the tax rate for the Town of Clayton?
6. I only paid some of my tax bill. Will I still be charged late fees?

Public Safety

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1. What do I do when I get a traffic ticket?
2. How do I pay a voluntary assessment ticket?
3. What do I do if I received a voluntary assessment ticket but decide I want to plead not guilty?
4. What is Delaware’s Probation Before Judgment Program?
5. What should I do if I have lost my ticket?
6. My vehicle was towed by the Clayton Police Department. What do I do to get it back?
7. Where do I go to pay a parking ticket fine?
8. I want to file a complaint against a member of the police department. What do I do?

Public Works

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1. Why do I have low water pressure?
2. Will the Town repair my leak?
3. How can I tell if I have a leak?
4. What do I do if the water pipe that runs from the curb to my house breaks?
5. Why is my water cloudy?
6. Why is my water reddish or brown in color?
7. What do I do if my sewer backs up?
8. Who do I call for emergency service?

Town Government

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1. Where do I vote?
2. What years do the municipal elections take place?
3. How do I qualify to run for elected office?
4. When and where do I apply to be an eligible candidate for an elected office?

Trash Collection

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1. Does the Town collect my trash? When is trash collected?
2. Can I put out bulk items for trash pickup?
3. Can I put out cut grass and tree limbs with my trash?


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1. I am renting. How do I put the utilities in my name?
2. I just bought a house in the Town of Clayton. I would like to put the utilities in my name. Do I need to come in?
3. When are bills sent out?
4. When are the bills due?
5. How much are late fees and when am I charged?
6. How can I pay my bill?
7. Do you accept payments over the phone?
8. What are your office hours?
9. I never see anyone reading my meter. How are they getting the readings?
10. Can I make payment arrangements?
11. When is my meter read?
12. I see something on my bill that says PPAC. What is this for?
13. My bill doesn’t look right. Who can I talk to about billing questions?
Town of Clayton
P.O. Box 1130
414 Main Street
Clayton, DE 19938

Ph: (302) 653-8419
Fx: (302) 653-2017
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